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are not listed in any kind of order Blond and Blonde: A Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy Archive
One of the best and one of the only Lucius/Narcissa sites. Holds some very good links to some awesome fanfiction. Tons of things to keep you amused. Very well done and easy to explore, what could you want more?

fumbling... towards ...erised
A fabulous author and has some stories with Narcissa in them. Plus has other goodies. Although, she doesn't update very often, it's still a great site.

Malfoy Manor
A site devoted to the Malfoys. Quite a lot of things to do, download and is updated regularly. Worth your time and effort to visit here.

Salazaršs Rules of Scheming
If your in a mood for a laugh or are in Slytherin mode, check this place out.

Past Layouts

Version 1: Perfection



This involved tables and image maps. It used a piece of fanart that showed an arrogant!Narcissa. It used Vladimir, Scriptina and Redensek.