Who is Narcissa Malfoy

Narcissa Malfoy is Draco's mother and wife to Lucius Malfoy. Although we don't acually mean her until the 4th book she is mention early on. She is the source of all the sweets Draco recieves a Hogwarts and appears to love her son dearly. Narcissa is a bit of a mystery since, we don't know must about her. Hopefully in later books we will be able to learn more about her.

What does the site title mean?

The site title "Ambitious Beauty" is what I thought a good name for Narcissa. Since I picture her from Slytherin and Slytherin is a house marked with ambition. It is also noted in the Harry Potter series that Narcissa is very pretty.

Why should I Join?

I'm trying to gather all fans of Narcissa Malfoy. That includes, you if your a fan. You are right? ^_^